Tool of Optical Network Simulator (ONS)

I have developed a simple and user-friendly software tool, Optical Network Simulation (ONS). The tool can obtain data files input to the AMPL/CPLEX optimization software as well as simulate blocking performance for dynamic lightpath service provisioning.

Various network survivability schemes are implemented in the tool, which include span restoration, span-based p-cycles, path restoration (without or with stub release), flow p-cycles, shared backup path protection (SBPP), path-segment restoration, shared backup segment protection (SBSP), node failure recovery, etc. Also, to study the performance of dynamic service provisioning, various routing algorithms were incorporated in the tool to simulate the cases with service protection or without protection.

PWCE Concept Emulator

I was also one of the key members of a developing team of PWCE emulator. The software can visually emulate the concept of protected working capacity envelope (PWCE). My major role included teaching a summer undergraduate student, who programmed the emulator codes, on the PWCE concept and related design processes, and guiding him to model dynamic lightpath service provisioning and to develop the Java class hierarchy.

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